Jau-Ye Shiu


Graduate Institute of Biomedical Science, China Medical University, Taiwan


Assistant professor


Ph.D. National Taiwan Chiao-Tung University in Materials Science and Engineering 2009
M.Sc. National Taiwan Chung Cheng University in Physics 2004
B.Sc. Chinese Culture University in Physics 2002


2004 Best post award, Actively Controlled Self-Assembly of Colloidal Crystals by
Electrocapillary Effect, Materials Research Society (MRS) fall meeting, US
2004 Paper reported by scientific magazine, Lab on a Chip, August, volume 4, No. 4
2004 Paper reported by scientific magazine, MRS BULLETIN, April, volume 29, No. 4


• Cell biology/Mechanical biology/ Mechanotransduction
• Micro/nano fabrication integrated with microfludic system
• Application of cellular force sensing for drug screening


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