Che-Ming Jack Hu


Institute of Biomedical Sciences, Academia Sinica, Taiwan


Associate Research Fellow


  • Post-Doc           Nanoengineering, UC San Diego             01/2012 to 05/2015
  • Ph.D.                                Bioengineering, UC San Diego                                  12/2011
  • M.S.                                 Bioengineering, UC San Diego                                   06/2008
  • B.S., with Honors              Bioengineering, UC Berkeley                                05/2005Minor                       Electrical Engineering and Computer Science                                    Minor                         Mechanical Engineering  


2023 Outstanding Research Award, National Science and Technology Council, Taiwan (國家科學及技術委員會傑出研究獎)

2022 Outstanding Technology Award by the Taiwan Nanomedicine Society (台灣奈米生醫學會傑出技術獎)

2022 The 10th Y.Z. Hsu Technology Invention Award—Biomedical Technology (有庠科技發明獎)

2021 Academia Sinica Early-Career Investigator Research Achievement Award (年輕學者研究成果獎)

2020 Chen-Yuan Lee Foundation Young Investigator Award in Biomedical Research (李鎮源教授青年研究學者獎)

2020 17th National Innovation Award (國家新創獎)

2019 “Top 1% Highly Cited Researchers” in cross-field research by Clarivate Analytics (高被引學者)

2019 1st Place at the 2019 NBRP BioMed Start-up Challenge (國際生醫加速器合作計畫優勝)

2019 Young Scholar Award of TienTe Lee Biomedical Foundation (李天德青年醫藥科技獎)

2019 Best Poster Award at the 2019 Gordon Research Conference on Cancer Nanotechnology

2019 Excellent Young Investigator Award—Taiwan Biomaterials and Controlled Releases Society

2019 Futuristic Breakthrough Technology Award—awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, ROC

2017 Futuristic Breakthrough Technology Award—awarded by the Ministry of Science and Technology, ROC

2016 The Li Foundation Heritage Prize

2016 4th Annual Excellence in Creativity Award for Young Scholar from The Foundation for the Advancement of Outstanding Scholarship.

2016 Member of the Global Young Academy

2014 Selected participant of the 64th Meeting of Nobel Laureates, Lindau, Germany

2013 Chancellor’s Postdoctoral Scholar Award, UCSD 2013— awarded for outstanding research and exhibition of leadership, mentorship and service to 4 top postdoctoral scholars at UCSD.

2011 Siebel Scholar, Class of 2012 – awarded annually for academic excellence and demonstrated leadership to 85 top students from the world’s leading graduate schools.

2010 Best poster award at the 8th International Nanomedicine and Drug Delivery Symposium, Omaha, NE

2003/2004 Guidant Undergraduate Research Fellowship



Advances in bionanotechnology and cargo-carrying nanocarriers enable existing therapeutics to be reformulated to attain higher potency and safety. Nanotechnology in medicine has shown tremendous value in drug delivery and vaccine preparations, where pharmacokinetics and immune activation can be finely tuned via rational nanomaterials engineering. The research focus of the laboratory is to develop novel therapeutic nanomaterials with an emphasis toward clinical translation. By examining and tackling the interface between materials and biology, we seek to adopt an engineering approach to improve treatments for major diseases including cardiovascular disease, cancer, and infectious disease.


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