Chairman, The Board of Trustees

Greetings, friends!
As the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of both Asia University (AU) and China Medical University & Health Care System, I take great pride in welcoming Nobel Laureate, Members of US National Academy of Medicine, international and domestic experts, young researchers and students to attend the second ICABS.
China Medical University has strided to promote fundamental and translational research in revealing crucial insights into cancer mechanisms for the development of precision medicine. To do so, we have been recruiting top-notch researchers/physicians worldwide, collaborating with domestic and international institutions, and organizing international conferences such as ICABS. Researchers and physician scientists in China Medical University & Health Care System have been working together on the bench to bedside synergy, pushing new boundaries in understanding of cancer cells.
Besides aiming to achieve excellence in both innovative and translational research, China Medical University has been diligently fostering young generations in medical service and education to fulfill social responsibility. This conference provides an excellent opportunity for them to absorb new knowledge, keep up with the pace of the world, and to be innovative and creative. As I always encourage students to master the trends of the world and become the global leader.
Finally, I would like to welcome those international experts who come  from US and Japan. Most of all I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all experts for their commitment to this meaningful event during their busy schedules and wish the great success of the conference. I believe next year we will have a full house of experts gathering here to have a impactful meeting.
Chang-Hai Tsai, MD, PhD
Board of Trustees, China Asia Associate University